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PMO: Naming Conventions and Branding Standards

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Jun 7, 2007 at 3:57 AM
Edited Jun 7, 2007 at 5:14 PM


The namespace in any managed code you write should have the following naming convention:
CKS + . + edition name or feature name + [.] + [edition specific feature name]

Examples include:
  • CKS.EWE.WikiDiscussion -- which includes assemblies like: CKS.EWE.WikiDiscussion.Controls.DLL and CKS.EWE.WikiDiscussion.Events.DLL
  • CKS.Utilities -- which includes assemblies like CKS.Utilities.UlsLogs.DLL
  • CKS.TagCloud -- which includes just one assembly named CKS.TagCloud.DLL

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a reply.


The formal name for our project is Community Kit for SharePoint®. Yes, SharePoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft, so the Registered Trademark symbol should be used upon the 1st mention of the name on any formal business document. The only acceptable abbreviation is the CKS acronym.

The naming of the editions is a bit trickier. As you probably noticed, I’ve tried to stick with 3-word edition names, so they can more easily become TLAs. :-) However, something like the School Edition simply does not need an additional word, and the Corporate Intranet Edition is also suspect though the primary reason for having the extra word, Corporate, is to avoid TLA collisions with the Internet Edition and Extranet Edition. So, I added Corporate in front of Intranet Edition and combined the latter two into a single Internet/Extranet Edition. I don’t mean to bore you with this stuff, but speaking from experience as a marketing guy as much as I’ve been a technology guy, naming and branding are very important factors in the long term success of any product. And with the CKS, we are indeed building a product much like the Linux and DotNetNuke folks have built theirs.

While most of the CKS editions are scenario focused, there are two that are capability focused: the Enhanced Blog and Enhanced Wiki editions. It’s important that the word, Enhanced, is in the name because it explicitly highlights the fact that it’s extending and adding to OOTB SharePoint functionality. I can see a CKS: Forums Edition (likely based on Bil Simser’s SPForums code) because it’s designed to be an alternative to the OOTB SharePoint discussion board and is not built on top of it.


The official logo for the CKS is shown at the upper left corner of this page directly under the CodePlex logo. It along with other CKS logos can be downloaded from here, but their use is restricted only to CKS team members unless permission has been explicitly granted.