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FBA Forms Auth Instructions?

Topics: Internet/Extranet Edition
Nov 2, 2007 at 5:54 PM
Does anyone have any instructions for setting this up? We have it all installed, but are wondering the best page setup scenarios.

Do we create a separate page per webpart?
How are the perms set?
How do we specify the first page a user sees to be the new login as opposed to the built in login?
Or do we have to have anonymous access setup and a default page?

A simple walk through on how to use / configure these parts would be great.
Nov 2, 2007 at 11:21 PM
If you want the user to see the new log-in on the home page, just add the log-in webpart to your site default (home) page. The point is to use it on an anonymous access Internet site, so your arriving users will see it if you put it on the home page.

You can use the webparts however you like, but using a whole page for each one seems a bit unnecessary.

I decide to create a special page of Member Options. I added a new webpart document of three columns. In column one (leftmost), I stacked the Change Password, Password Recovery and Log-In webparts, with the Log-In webpart on top. In the center column I added the Membership Request webpart, where they enter their new information. In the right column I added a content webpart and included content to explain why they would want to submit a membership request, describing the benefits of membership.

Once I saved this page I addded a link to it on the home page. This all seems to work out nicely, and seems self-explanatory to my users. I may want to add some more links to the Membership Options page in places where people may be asked to become registered members, or if I think they may need to log-in, say on a page where many people are entering the site.

It would all work really well if all of the webparts actually worked, but that's another story.

As far as setting the Params goes, you should be able to figure it out based on the descriptions. Also, don't get too worried about that now, as those are bound to change as the webparts are developed, and if you enter a value that is not of the correct type in a later release, you may not be able to see or edit the part again. So use the params as you see fit, but try to stay with the defaults where you can, for now until the solution is out of Beta.

I hope that helps and leaves the developers free to work on the solution instead of explaining how to use it. Try it out a few different ways and come-up with a layout you like.

Nov 3, 2007 at 7:54 AM
Thanks for the reply! It is very helpful to see how others are doing this.

I found this other post helpful also:

We are exploring a combination of the 2 -- trying to redirct anonymous users to a specific page that has ALL the anon stuff on it including a link to another page with the request form.

One thing i am trying to understand however, is when users are created (and auto logged in), how are you all adding them to a group that provides any access? Right now we are not using FBA roles, but relying on the existing roles (is this a mistake)?

Ideally (i know we will likely have to dev this ourselves) we would have a "access code" that corresponded with a role, it would assign it for the user, and then we were rocking.

Right now, i am unclear as to what the registration provides past the reg / auth phase? Or maybe that is it....? Time to crack open the code. :)