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CKS:EBE - Loading time

Mar 4, 2010 at 11:52 AM





I use the feature CKS: EBE for customizing the theme of my blog. Everything works fine but lately I noticed an obvious time for loading pages (ten seconds). I tried to investigate the code to see what causes this loss of performance and I noticed the following:
- In the list page query is executed with a rowLimit 100. This somewhat illogical given that I need only 5 items per page. To test, I've put the rowLimit to 5 but it did not seem to improve things ... 

- The query is executed with SPSiteDataQuery and SPContext.Current.Web.GetSiteData is that these methods can have an impact on performance? 

- Xsl transformation is it costly in performance?
Someone has already encountered this problem? Every lead is welcome!

Note: The loading time is slow only for the blog pages, the rest of my site has no time issue. For information, I currently have only 11 posts in my blog.

Thank you.