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master page, master page, where is the master page??

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Mar 17, 2010 at 9:43 PM

Greetings all,


Firstly, I'll appologize -I am not a sharepoint god.  I have been tasked with implementing and making minor mods to Sharepoint's blogging mechanism.  As a result I chanced upon your project and decided to implement that.  Mostly, things are just peachie -thanks.  However, I have come across one requirement that I'm close to a solution on but lack the grey matter to push it to completion.  Hopefully you can help...

The issue is lack of support for UTube vids in the bloging system.

I found this fellow's site [ ] that explained how to "get around" this limitation.  I got it working for the standard blogs, but had some "challenges" locating the appropriate ".master" page to add my bit of script to.  Finally, found that if I added the script to the "theme.master" page located in the active theme (for example -the default theme) then I could get the video's to display on the blog site.  ...all good. 

Here is my problem: If you view the blog postings through the "archive" link.  then the videos no longer are visible.  based on my previous experience with this set of tools, I would assume that this is due to absence of my magic script in the currently active ".master" page.  The archived post uses a different ".master" file??

My Question:  How do I determine what master file is in use?


Oct 12, 2010 at 6:53 PM


you can get to them from site action - site settings - master pages under galleries