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2 issues: Logging and sign-in

Jul 29, 2010 at 10:26 AM

I´ve got FBA user management successfully running in a WSS3.0 environment, but there are 2 issues that are still bothering me / the users:


1. Logging

Does FBA log anything? I know I get e-mails when new users register, but besides that? Especially for password recovery it would be interesting to get at least the IP address of the one who does it. Also errors with user registrations and such would be good.


2. Sign-in

Users can tick the option "Remember me next time" but it simply doesn´t work, they have to sign in again each time, tested with at least 3 different browsers. Might be a general Sharepoint problem though, also when they access an area that does not allow anonymous access they get the standard Sharepoint sign-in message. That also has the option to sign-in automatically next time, which also doesn´t work.


Any ideas?