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Limiting the number of posts per page

Topics: Enhanced Blog Edition
Aug 2, 2010 at 4:06 PM


I've implemented CKS:EBE blog and written some tools to migrate a movable type blog over using the sharepoint web services. I also ported a theme from the MT system, for which I used the summer template as a base. This all works nicely, the only problem being the number of posts displayed on the main page.

I've had a poke around but can't work out how to limit the number of posts displayed on the main blog. I believe I need to add a rowlimit to the SPSiteDataQuery control, however I'm struggling to find this (or anything remotely like search criteria) in any of the files.

Could anyone assist? I'm hoping it's a simple tweak.

NB. if anyone needs the movable type to sharepoint loader, drop me a message