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LiveID integration with Sharepoint Portal

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Feb 26, 2008 at 9:45 AM

Hi All,

I have query regarding the Live ID Integration with Sharepoint portal site. As per the deployment steps given by CKS team, we are registering our sharepoint Application with .

May I request you all to answer following questions.

1. Is there any staging server availabe for passport authentication, for our preproduction environment?
2. Is there any Review process being conducted on our application registered using ?
3. Can we straight away use to register our production sharepoint application ?
4. What is the difference between the sites registered using the web sites and

5. There is a difference between the steps provided in above two web sites. Are we supposed to use for our sharepoint application? Because when the user is redirected to Live server for authentication, it sends the version of the passport service being used in query string, but the CKS code does not mention the Passport version in the URL.