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Primer for ECTS Newbies

Topics: Internet/Extranet Edition
Nov 6, 2010 at 12:13 AM

I'm trying to set up an Intranet/Extranet for collaboration based on ECTS.  I've found the Source for ECTS here, but I'm not a developer and am stumped if / how this is useful to me.  Before MS handed off ECTS to the open-source community they provided a download with documentation on how to use it.  Does such a thing exist here?  If not, how is an end-user or administrator (NOT a developer) supposed to use what is offered here?  Frustrated and confused.  Where is the guidance??  Do I need to compile something?  If so, how and with what?  Is there a download somewhere else?  If so, WHERE?  

I'm an IT professional with years of experience, Microsoft certified, Network+, A+, comfortable with Microsoft server products, active directory, currently using WSS 3.0 for our corporate Intranet, familiar with vSphere, iSCSI - in short, I'm no slouch, and I'm so frustrated I want to hit something.



Dec 10, 2010 at 4:02 AM


I feel your pain  my friends and can only offer some help after I read 500 pages of notes from the previous Administrator. I can sent you a link tomorrow to get the documentation for ECTS and some great links for How-To sites.