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Topics: Enhanced Wiki Edition
Apr 4, 2008 at 3:00 PM
The following text has this day been published here but I guess it will find more readers in this discussion:

I have been experimenting with a wiki in WSS 3.0 for a year now, A usergroup is edititing aprox. 100 wiki-pages creating a book in swedish about safer workingenviroment.
Later the usergroup, which is comprised of people teaching workingenviroment practises, will choose wikipages and print them making various learning materials for different groups with different needs.
The wikipages are numbered and displayed in a view where the column Wiki-content is activated. You can read the book scrolling down or print the whole thing.
The following functions would improve the usability:
- send a copy of a wikipage to another library .
- sort the chosen wikipages in the other library by drag and drop or by changing pagenumbers the same way you can sort columns when creating views,
- a function that calculates pagebreaks when printing (later as a pdf- or word-document)
- a function that converts wikilinks to a textstring in the margin ("Read more") and a pagenumber (links to wikipages in the same library converted to pagenumbers, but links to wikipages that are not chosen for printing must be converted to an url).
- a function that makes a list of the chosen wikipages (a table of contents),
- a function that makes an alphabetical index of the wikilinks on the choosen pages.
- a function that converts the imagelinks in the wiki to links to a library with highresolution copys of the same illustrations,
- a function that creates a pdf- or word.dokument of the chosen wikipages.

I hope my english is better than my knowledge about what is possible in Sharepoint :-), but what's wrong with visions?

There is also an annoying thing in the existing Sharepoint wiki. When two users edit the same document at the same time, one of them will see an errorpage when saving. The instructions on that errorpage will cause the user to loose the text he or she was writing. Please change the text on the errorpage so that the user will not use the link that says something like "go back to the site". The page must instruct the user to press Alt+ Left arrow, press Alt+C on the inserted text and reopen the wikipage for editing.

Nils Östergren
Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 19, 2008 at 6:13 AM
Maybe a wiki is not the best solution for you.

Have you considered using a shared OneNote notebook that is hosted on SharePoint? You would get orders of magnitude improvement in terms of a rich editing environment, plus the ability to easily organize all the pages in whatever order you see fit, plus being able to easily export the whole thing (or just sections or even a single page) to PDF, Word, XPS, etc.
Apr 21, 2008 at 9:17 AM
Thank you! I will consider OneNote.
But does it have all the usual wiki-features? Page-editing in a browser, wiki-links, email-notifications, indexing in WSS 3.0 etc?