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Moving or exporting a Sharepoint Wiki ?

Topics: Enhanced Wiki Edition
Apr 29, 2008 at 9:53 AM
My question is not directly CKS:EWE related but as I'm sure that people on this group are moving from the Sharepoint Wiki for a reason... :-)

Before migrating to CKS:EWE, I first need to move an existing Sharepoint Wiki from a root site to a subsite.


- a drag&drop of the wiki library from the root site to the subsite using the Windows Explorer doesn't work: the wiki doesn't appear in the subsite libraries;

- a drag&drop of the wiki pages from the root site to the subsite to a new wiki doesn't work either: the documents doesn't appears in the new wiki;

- the wiki pages that appears through the Windows Explorer contains a lot of code but nothing related to the page content;

and of course:

- of course, there's no library cut&paste...;

- there's no export command (apart from exporting the entire from the CLI)

So... does anyone have a solution for moving or exporting/importing a Sharepoint Wiki library ?


Georges Martin