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How should I use the membership request page?

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Jun 3, 2008 at 2:48 PM

Installed FBA today - looks very good.

Just need some advice on how to use the approval process works?

I have the "request webpart" on a page which people can register.
I register and then go into the pending users screen, where I can see the new user request.

To get the user to appear in "FBA User Management" I have to add the user to a sharepoint group ( via normal sharepoint screens)

Selecting the user in   FBA Membership Request Management and changeing the status to approve has no effect to making the user live?
I then remove from "  FBA Membership Request Management ", to tidy up.

Is this how everybody is doing it - or should there be a automatic process of after changing the status to approved the user appears in the FBA User Management screen and is removed?

( this is an out of the box installation )

Many thanks,