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MySiteCreate - doesn't seem to do anything

Topics: General/Misc.
Jun 13, 2008 at 4:19 PM
All installed fine, etc, no errors.

I've left the config files pretty much as they are, so would expect the steve.master page to be used, but nothing.

When I create a new mysite, I just get the default Microsoft layout, master page, etc.

I've added the line into the web.config for the web app hosting mysites, I've added the 2 dlls to the GAC using GACUtil (mysitecreate and mysitecreatepart), I've copied the folders into the Features directory, I've run the stsadm commands, all without errors.

What have I missed??

Looking at the farm features, the 'My Site Creation Feature Stapler' is there and is activated.

Looking at my newly created MySite, on the site features and on the site collection features, I don't see anything relating to mysitecreate - is that normal?

Also, having activated the staplee feature for the http://mysite url, I don't see that feature listed on the mysite web application in the feature list - is that expected?