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CKS:EBE on a Corporate Intranet - Getting Current User (AD)

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Jul 2, 2008 at 9:56 AM

I am attempting to build a blog for internal, corporate use , using CKS:EBE. I have been able to build a theme to match our house style fairly easily.

The aim is for the blog to be targetted to a department ( e.g IT) , where everyone in that department can contribute posts. There would also be a group of site administrors. Normal users would only be able to add and edit their own posts .
A few questions :

The IsBlogOwner variable passed to the XSLT I presume is set to true for people who are in the site administrators group.
How then would i security trim for "contributors" so that they can only edit their own posts but not have other admin rights. IsBlogOwner is presumably false for these people.

One thought was to test in the postlist.xslt, for example,  if the author of the post was the current logged in user and then enable the edit link accordingly. This raises the question as to how to determine the current logged in user ( users will be authenticated using AD ).

Is this possible ?

Andy Mawn
Jul 10, 2008 at 10:46 PM
Your correct about the admin rights for the blog owner. It just happens that I know someone who has had the same problem. The next release should conatin IsBlogContributor, which should solve your problem.

For now you could write yor own control which solves this problem, you could wait until the code is checked in and re-build the latest version or you could download the source and modify it to suit your needs.

The next release will be around very soon soon and so it depends on how close you are to a release of your own solution.

Jul 12, 2008 at 9:07 AM
Hey Andy,

Vince, I wonder who that might be?

I have a temporary fix for this right now, just putting it through its paces, and will then formalise it soon after. Drop me a note on daniel at to discuss further.