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FBASaveButtonTemplate.ascx template Breaks Blog sites

Topics: Corporate Intranet Edition
Jul 9, 2008 at 6:59 PM

I've got the CKS.InternetExtranetEdition component installed on 3 different SP2007 (not sp1) server farms and have discovered that FBASaveButtonTemplate.ascx provided as part of this solution causes an issue with standard Windows and Forms authenticated blog sites. This template contains some code that overwrites code that is used by blog sites.

I'm not a developer, so bear with my description. In the code below, taken from the FBASaveButtonTemplate.ascx template file, "<SharePoint:RenderingTemplate ID="SaveButton" runat="server">" is code that is already in use by the Sharepoint blog site template, but it's being overwritten by this code. With this template installed on my servers, when you attempt to use the comment feature on a blog site, the comments are not being connected properly with their associated posts. The "submitt comment" button becomes an "ok" button, and the Post title field in the comment list is never populated by the associated comment. Removing this template, or just this section of code from the template, allows the blog feature to function correctly.
<SharePoint:RenderingTemplate ID="SaveButton" runat="server">
  <CKS:FBASaveButton runat="server"/>
  <asp:Button Visible="false" UseSubmitBehavior="false" ID="diidIOSaveItem" CommandName="SaveItem" Text="<%$Resources:wss,tb_save%>" class="ms-ButtonHeightWidth" accesskey="<%$Resources:wss,tb_save_AK%>" target="_self" runat="server"/>

Are you aware of this issue?

The code I'm running was downloaded from codeplex on 4/4/2008. I'm not sure how to tell what version it is.