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ADAM without Sql Server?

Topics: Corporate Intranet Edition
Jul 14, 2008 at 4:52 PM

I have installed and configured ADAM on my new MOSS server. I have created some testuser using ADAM and tested successfully with my site creation.

Here my question If I dont want to use Sql Server Database for user maint, Still can I use External Collaboration toolkit for user management?

I am havign 2 servers (1 server with MOSS, 2nd server SQL Server). As I am expectinf 100+ user and every user want different site for their own user, So I am planning to implement Mysite for each user, so I have implemented ADAM with FBA authention.

Is this correct approach to use ADAM without Sql? What You people recommend>

Secondly why I am not able to integrate with outlook?

Please advise