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Custom Login.aspx Page using CKS:FBA

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Dec 24, 2008 at 1:20 PM

I've set up a sharepoint site and extended it to have a 'internet' version that uses FBA permissions.  I've installed the latest beta of the FBA kit and it works fine for adding users etc. 

I am trying to put together a login page that users the CKS:FBA webparts for the login box and password recovery options etc.  I have created a webpart page in the sharepoint site (FBALogin.aspx) with the webparts.  In the web.config for the FBA site I have amended the section of code from:

    <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="/_layouts/Login.aspx" />

    <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="/pages/FBALogin.aspx" />

However, when I go to the site now, I get a 401 error trying to access the login page. 

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing the error? I'm pretty sure it is not the CKS:FBA kit that is the problem, unless it is something to with access to the webparts on the new login page.

Dec 24, 2008 at 4:43 PM
Hi Peter,

You need to have anonymous access enabled for the document library, so that anonymous users can get to the page in order to log in.

An alternative approach is to customize the _layouts page to do the login, but be branded properly.  There was a discussion about this that includes a link to an example of how to do it:

Mike Sharp