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Tag Cloud - where did it go?

Topics: General/Misc.
Jan 9, 2009 at 10:07 AM

I downloaded the CKS Tag Cloud source code from the following link :

I believe this is Version 1.1. I found the link by doing a web search for  the keywords "cks tagcloud source code"

I have been able to make modifications to this for my project and get it up and running. However, I'm struggling to find where this now lives in CodePlex. This could be to my lack of familiarity with CodePlex or the growth of the SharePoint CKS project.

  • Has it been absorbed into the Enterprise Blog Edition (EBE) project?
  • Has it been moved to
  • Where can I get the latest source code and contribute back any mods that I come up with?

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this project. I have found it very useful