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Weird FBA accounts

Feb 13, 2009 at 4:42 AM
Have FBA working using the CKS and this has worked fine. Now when someone creates a new account (let''s say "TEST1") the following happens:

The new account gets properly created and it shows up in "FBA Membership Request Management" with a status of "Pending".
I than change the status to "Approved". The new user now shows up in ""FBA Membership Request Management"  with status "Approved". Usually when I do a refresh, this account doesn't show up in this screen anymore but it should show up in "FBA User Management ".
I than open "FBA User Management " and find all users who have been approved previously are display correctly. New users show up as "fba_aspnetmembershipprovider::test1" and  when I click on "Edit" I get the following error "User Not Found".

Anyone an idea?