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Using the MetaWebLog API / Windows Live Writer with a customised blog

Topics: Enhanced Blog Edition
Apr 20, 2009 at 2:03 AM
Hi, I have an interesting issue, which I'm hoping someone here may be able to help with.

As we know, the SharePoint blog by default makes it very difficult to create the blog post with images - It is a 21 step process just to create a post with 1 image in it. (I wrote up a step by step guide for my client, so I know).

The standard work around for this default horrible behaviour is to use either Word 2007 or Windows Live Writer to create the blog posts.

Unfortunately this does not work for the CKS:EBE as the categories field is different than the standard SharePoint blog (Single Category in the SharePoint blog, multiple Categories in the CKS:EBE)

The standard work around for this, using the CKS:EBE, as documented on this site, is to connect to the blog within WLW or Word using the MetaWebBlog API, rather than the SharePoint connection. This, requires anonymous Authentication to be set on the blog.

However, this work around does not work for my client as we have customised thier blog to include two additional fields in their blog post. These fields do not get filled in when using WLW.

Does anyone know if the MetaWebBlog API can be modified to enter the data into these two new fields and how difficult that would be?