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Add more than 1000 user with FBA

Jul 16, 2009 at 9:51 AM


I've a little problem: i'm trying to add more than 1000 user to a wss3 site using membership.createuser with VB 2008,

user was created in the FBA database and is active,, but i was not able to modify some data ex: Full name, modified and created.

below an example of 2 created user, the first user is created using the FBA new user form, the second using membership.createuser function

User Name      Email                            Full Name   Active     IsInSharePoint    Modified    Created
User1                 user1@domain         First last          Yes               Yes               7/15/2009   7/14/2009  
User2                 user2@domain                                    Yes                No 
Any Idea