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Theme Problem with CKS.EBE

Topics: Enhanced Blog Edition
Sep 9, 2009 at 5:10 PM

We are attempting to get CKS:EBE up and running in our production environment. We have installed it in our test environment and it works great. We installed it into or production environment and the installation goes without any problems.  At the web application level, the CKS:EBE web application feature activates without any problems.  At the site level, the CKS:EBE Extenstions activates with no problems.  However, when we go to the blog we are sent to the default blog instead of the new CKS:EBE setup blog.  We can view/modify the settings no problem.  If we manually change the URL from default.aspx to home.aspx, we see the template, but if we try to use any links we get a 404. The only difference between the test environment and the production environment is that we have a farm with two web heads and a load balancer in production and just one web head in test. I have checked the web.config to make sure the changes have been made, they are there. If anyone has any idea on what could be causing this problem, I am open to any suggestions.