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Topics: Enhanced Blog Edition
Dec 28, 2009 at 10:22 PM

I am new to CKS:EBE and am looking to be able to meet a set of requirements for an internal blog.  I've been playing around with many of the customization options and so far am pretty pleased with what I am able to do with just SharePoint Designer and XSL.  I know I can also add my own custom web parts, but would like to avoid this unless necessary.

Has anyone been able to show the comments "in-line" on the home page?  In other words, if we are displaying the last 5 posts, then the "child" comments would be displayed after each post.  I will probably end up adding the ability to expand / collapse the comments, but first I need to get the data.

Would the approach mentioned in this post be the best option?

Remove the <EBE:PostList /> control and replace with a <EBE:BaseQueryControl ... /> control