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Features being considered:
  • Support for trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Blog content import
  • Optional supplemental links (e.g. "Digg this") under each post
  • CAPTCHA field integrated into Comment form

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pronichkin Aug 8, 2007 at 9:42 AM 
sorry, didn't find special page for feature requests.

we'd like to add two more features to consider.

» some functionality similar to <lj-cut> tag in LiveJournal. That is, when you're making a really huge post, you may not want it be fully visible on the main page of your blog (just because all other recent posts would be very far from the top of the page, and the page would be a real pain to scroll down). Instead, you may want to put on the main page only a part of your post, kinda teaser. And provide a permalink to a full version, which would be opened separately from all other posts just as any regular single-post page (with comments).

» OpenID integration. Would be very nice for migration from LiveJournal (if all your buddies are still LJ users).