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Proposed features:
  • Forms-based authentication (FBA) solution - Beta 1.00 released!
  • Taxonomy management and content tagging
  • Custom Live Search Box
  • Forums
  • Professionally designed custom Master Pages

MOSS 2007 Features
We're looking for your input on the feature list specifically for MOSS 2007 Deployments. So if you have an idea of what you'd like us to create, just go to the discussion topic here:

Here are is the short list of FBA features we're planning to deliver:
  • User Management Page (View, Add, Edit, Delete Users)
  • Role Management Page (View, Add, Edit, Delete Roles)
  • Self-Registration Page and Webpart
  • Retrieve Password Page and Webpart
  • Change User Settings Page and Webpart (Password, Name, Email etc)
  • Login Webpart
  • Non-Anonymous Access Features (updated login page with links for self-registration)
  • Administration Settings Page (Edit email settings etc)
  • FBA Batch Import wizard
  • Email Registration Option
  • FBA Configuration Feature (Maintain web.config settings)

If you're interested in helping with the development of these features, just send an email to Paul.Ballard<AT>BallardSoftware<DOTCOM>.

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Will there be a new WSP soon?