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June 12th, 2007 Conference Call Notes:
Feature scope for release - freeze it here. Vince may add seperately but not in main code.
Documentation requirements and format (e.g. wiki, doc, blog)
  • Theme customization/ development: - Ari to send out 3pm Thu
  • Deployment - Ki to send out draft 3pm PDT Wed, and also deployment testing scenarios (activation, de-activation at both site and web application levels).
  • Summer - Shane (BB to confirm)
  • Bird / Wildlife - Ari (3pm PDT Wed)
  • RoundedGreen - Vince
  • All themes remove Links section (Photos, Archive, etc. which is currently secured - BB to notify).
RSS: Vince to look at further tonight.
Final QA check: Thu evening (Nadeem)
Final Documentation review: Brent

Meetings: Set up recurring weekly meeting during releases, and bi-weekly during non-release periods.
Bugs, etc.: Open issue in Codeplex and circulate email.

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