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CKS FBA Feature Upgrade


This patch upgrade contains the following changes from the previous version of CKS FBA back in Oct 2 2008.
  1. Customise email messages (12\template\features\layouts\fba\emails*.xslt) that gets sent to users upon pending for new membership request, membership approval email, membership rejection email and password recovery emails has been updated with meaningful message and new variables
  2. Feature.xml under FBAManagementSelf folder contains error when people tried to install and activiate the FBA self management feature (see
    So the featureID (23c44729-fb03-4882-a0bf-c6fb3ddd81fd) has been commented out
    3.The following code has been updated:
    3.1 membershiprequest.cs
    • Random password generated by CKS FBA sometimes does not comform to password policy set in the web.config file. So a new funtion call GeneratePolicyPassword has been created that will check if generated password is valid according to password policy and repeatedly keep generating the next random password unti it is valid. A default hardcoded password will be use if system does not generate a valid password after 8 times
    • Static string variable SiteAdminEmail contains a default email address where users can email for any queries regarding their membership request or password
    • New bool function (isUserInDB) to check if new user membership request already exist in SQL database.It checks if user's name or email already exist in database
    • New bool function (isUserInReviewList) to check for duplicated email address if a new user's membership request is already added into the SharePoint FBA membership Request Management List.
    3.2 MembershipRequestControl.cs
    • Check if new member request already exist in the SharePoint review list. Only add new user if email address is unique.
    3.3 Utils.cs
    • Write error log for any CKS FBA activities to a separate log file named "CKS-FBA.log" located in the 12 Hive log folder. Error log is also written to the standard SharePoint log file as well but if the size of the SharePoint log file gets huge (over a GB) then it is hard to open the SharePoint log file with any text editor. Hence the reason for also recording logs to a separate file.

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Jbenisek wrote Oct 12, 2010 at 7:14 PM

how do you delpoy this to a exciting site running beta 1.0?

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how do you delpoy this to a exciting site running beta 1.0?

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