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404 NOT FOUND when accessing rewritten URL & 403 FORBIDDEN when trying to activate the feature


After installing using install.bat to install for my 'mysite' blog, I get a 404 NOT FOUND when accessing using the /archives/2008/01/01/post.aspx notation. No theme shows, no CAPTCHA. Install only gave 'successful' messages.
When trying to activate the CKS feature for a newly created blog under the same webapp, I get a 403 FORBIDDEN when I activate the feature using site settings. When activating using stsadm it succeeds, however I get the same '404' when accessing a 'custom url'.
When activating the CKS feature for a new virtual server (using the central administration), this succeeds. Creating a new blog site and enabling the blog there using site settings now succeeds. Same problems, no 'custom url's' at all, this time (even though the checkmark is set), no themes, no CAPTCHA.
Checks in the setup guide appear correct except that there is no CKS EBE Trackbacks directory created.
(I did some beta testing a year ago so I'm not 100% sure the machine is clean but I tried to find and remove anything related)
Any ideas anyone?
UPDATE: uninstalling the EBE using the steps in the setup guide crashes a DIFFERENT website. It appears EBE has modified the web.config of this different website:
Line 143:      <add name="CksEbeModule" type="CKS.EBE.BlogHttpModule, CKS.EBE, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3e8b700c069fb747" />
Getting stranger every minute... Might these be the lines missing in the web.config of the 'correct' website?
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YvonneHarryman wrote Jun 16, 2009 at 9:07 PM

Unable to duplicate the error in testing there was not a problem with activating the feature. I presume this was resolved and not updated as fixed. This issue will be closed.

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