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Tag Cloud/Browser - Dynamically populate tag column?

Topics: Corporate Intranet Edition, General/Misc.
Feb 7, 2008 at 3:41 PM
Hi There,

I've successfully installed Tag Cloud and Browser and can get a link from the value entered in the Tag column to display in the Tag cloud and can display the metadata in the tag Browser

What I would like though is something a bit more dynamic and so created a calculation column using the following formula =[column X]&", &"[column Y] to populate my Calculated Tags column. I have updated the tag settings in the tag cloud web part to recognise the new column. The Tag Cloud presents the data but when I follow the link I no longer see the metadata associated with it in the Tab Browser and instead get the following statement "no items associated with this tag". If I copy the data from the calculation column and paste it into the original tags column the workflow works again - However, I haven't reset the tag settings to the original state so it is still looking at the calculation tag column.

I wondered if this is expected behavior or I need to make another change to get it work or if there is something hardcoded to prevent this from working? Or is there a better method to achieve this? Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated.

Feb 25, 2009 at 9:03 PM
Hi Tim,

The Tag Cloud Webpart works fine with me but the other webparts(Related Tag Cloud, Tag Browser, Url Browser) always show me "No tags specified in the query"
Would you please tell me what I do to make the other weparts work fine?

Thanks in advance,