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Error Building Virtual Earth Maps on SharePoint

Feb 18, 2008 at 6:31 PM
I have updated the references for the projects in the solution but when building I'm getting the following three errors:

Error 1 The command "cd C:\Projects\Map Web Part Source\CampusMaps\cd..
xcopy /e /y ConfigurationProvider\bin\Debug\Setup C:\Projects\Map Web Part Source\CampusMaps\bin\Debug\Setup
xcopy /e /y VirtualEarth\bin\Debug\Setup C:\Projects\Map Web Part Source\CampusMaps\bin\Debug\Setup" exited with code 4. CampusMaps

Error 2 The command "CMD.EXE /V:ON /Q /C C:\Projects\Map Web Part source\VirtualEarth\bin\Debug\VirtualEarth_MkCab.cmd "C:\Projects\Map Web Part Source\VirtualEarth\bin\Debug\"" exited with code 1. VirtualEarth

Error 3 The command "CMD.EXE /V:ON /Q /C C:\Projects\Map Web Part Source\ConfigurationProvider\bin\Debug\Configuration_MkCab.cmd "C:\Projects\Map Web Part Source\ConfigurationProvider\bin\Debug\"" exited with code 1. Configuration

Any ideas?

Apr 3, 2008 at 9:30 PM

i've got the same solve it, just copy the solution to the root folder and open it again.

For example, copy it to c:\projects and open the solution

Good Luck,