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Where can I get the source code of FBAManagement ?

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Aug 11, 2008 at 11:14 AM
I want to use the FBAManagement(which downloaded from this site) in my sharepoint,and I have to change the language of this application.So I want to change the codes,
Where can I finde the source code of FBAManagement ?
Aug 11, 2008 at 6:16 PM

Hi Nadi,

The FBAManagement part has come a long ways since the release you downloaded, so you'll definitely want to get the latest version.

To get the source code, follow the instructions here:

It seems complicated, but it's actually fairly easy.  You'll need both TortoiseSVN and SVNBridge.  SVNBridge just "tricks" TortoiseSVN into getting the code from the CodePlex team foundation server rather than from Subversion.  Once you have them installed, and SVNBridge running (you have to run the executable whenever you want to connect to the source control system), you can get the latest version by right clicking on the folder where you want the source to end up and selecting SVN Checkout...  Then specify the URL of repository like:


and the destination folder you want, and make sure "Fully Recursive" is selected.

This will get you the entire CKS source tree.  FBAManagement is under the following directory:

<source control root folder>\CKS\IEE\CKS.InternetExtranetEdition\FormsBasedAuthentication

Open the solution, and compile it.  Also note that I've recently posted a couple bug fixes in the Issue Tracker that you might need, as have a couple other folks.  In particular, the project won't compile the first time as PlanetWilson pointed out in:

It's an easy fix, though.

The other issues I've found are listed in Presumably someone will make work items out of them, and they'll get fixed soon in the source, but if you don't understand the fixes and you need them sooner, let me know here and I'll send you my copy of the source code where I've fixed it. 

Mike Sharp


Aug 20, 2008 at 10:41 PM
Which project in the solution has the FBA user management?  All I was able to find was the ADAM based user stuff.  I have my users stored in an ASPNet db.
Aug 21, 2008 at 12:00 AM
It's under the CKS:IntranetExtranetEdition project.  FBAManagement source is under the following directory:

<source control root folder>\CKS\IEE\CKS.InternetExtranetEdition\FormsBasedAuthentication

There was a pre-beta release last October, but there have been a lot of changes since then.

Mike Sharp
Aug 21, 2008 at 4:05 AM
Thank you for the rapid response, Sir.  It's very much appreciated.

Thomas Goddard