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Where to put customised login page

Nov 27, 2008 at 3:08 AM
Have a normal site (Windows auth) and extended this site for FBA auth. FBA is working with the OOTB setup.
Installed the CKS and granted anonymous access to the whole extended website.
Created a page called "/pages/testlogin" with the CKS login webpart on it.
If I open the FBA site I have immediate access to the site and when when I click on "Sign In" I get presented with my custom 'testlogin' page and I can login using the CKS webpart.

If I set testlogin to be the loginpage in web.config and give this page (library) anonymous access, testlogin is presented as the first page of the site and I can login using the CKS webpart. However, the screen is missing a lot of information (i.e. a logo). Can I save this testlogin page in let's say the layouts folder?