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FBA: cannot use web parts- unsafe

Topics: General/Misc.
Apr 7, 2009 at 1:26 PM
i have installed the forms based authentication solution  to moss 2007  and i am having problems with using the provieded web parts.
 first of all i have come across the known issue with the dependencies during the installation. i havr followed the post on the FBA page prompring to remove the conflicting entry frim the feaatures.xml file. After that the instalation progressed as expected. When i try to use the suplied web  parts though i get an error thrown back at me that the specific web part cannot be use it is unsafe. i have found that i have to add sertain entries to the web.xml for the component to be characterised as safe but i am missing the propper information for this (name space , etc.)
Has enyone come across the same issue ? How can i solve this ?
thanks in advance