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The EBE core team met today (May 24th) to discuss the first release. Here are some minutes from that meeting. Vince will be lead developer for this release. We'll focus on completing/refining the features he has already implemented. The rest of the core team will support Vince with suggested tweaks to his code, finding bugs, documentation, and providing additional skins. Target date for v2.0 release is Friday June 15th.

The v2.0 release will include the following deliverables, with responsibility as follows:
- Zip with source (ideally visual studio project file). (Vince)
- Zip with solution file (*.wsp). (Vince)
- Zip with documentation. (Ari - in particular how the XSL skinning works)
- Draft blog post for Lawrence. (Brent)
- As many production blogs running v2.0 as we can muster. (Everyone!)

Vince is shooting for releasing a beta to Codeplex on Tue May 29th. We'll send around a notice when it's up. Specific design decisions for v2.0 discussed in the meeting are as follows:

- Namespace will be "cks"
- Deployment model will initially be a Feature which is scoped to a site. The need for a farm-level feature that makes changes to web.config will be removed for this release to simplify deployment.
- Settings page will include selection of skin, RSS feed URL (e.g. feedburner), and URL formatting (e.g. none/default, community server, etc.), and any other parameters related to the feature.

As we start planning for v2.1, we'll look at other deployment options (e.g. *.stp and a site definition) so we can support other features and deployment scenarios (e.g. no server admin access). There were more details discussed regarding specific features (e.g. tag cloud, migration) which will go in seperate threads.

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